Outdoor Kitchens

Imagine your dream kitchen: a spacious sink, beautiful countertops, pristine stainless steel cooktops, and plenty of space for your family. Now, imagine it outside. Your outdoor kitchen will re-energize your backyard, providing the backdrop for years of fun to come. With an outdoor kitchen in the heart of your backyard, you will enjoy endless fun with family and friends.

Luxury Living In Your Backyard

A kitchen should be a space that enables creativity, helps you to channel your energy, and fosters friendships. With an outdoor kitchen, you can bring the convenience and comfort of your indoor kitchen into the natural world. Whether you are having family barbecues or doing casual Sunday grilling, ample countertop space will be perfect for food preparation. Outdoor refrigeration will prevent the need for traveling in and outside to retrieve meat, while also keeping drinks cool and accessible. Storage space will allow you to stow away spatulas, tongs and other cooking utensils. You deserve the highest degree of convenience, and our custom outdoor kitchens will give it to you.

The Kitchen of Your Dreams

As fellow Long Islanders, we understand the attachment that people have to their backyards. We will use our knowledge and experience to help mold your outdoor kitchen vision into reality. We have numerous countertop and kitchen wall options, which can either blend with your existing backyard style or create a new one. Your cooking preferences should dictate your cooking equipment and its placement. We can install different types and sizes of grills to give you the options you need. For hardcore grillers, we can also install a smoker. It doesn’t stop there-- we can accommodate your outdoor kitchen with anything else you desire.

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